We are Ever Grain Brewing Co.'s Craft Kitchen.

We are real people crafting real food with a sense of responsibility, when crafting our food we pay attention to the seasons, food trends, local farms and producers and our brewer, but most importantly, we pay attention to you, our guest.  We believe in all-inclusive dining - real food for all!

Our food is crafted with real ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible and never overly processed.  We use whole grains, real butter, real olive oil and make our own stocks and sauces.  We bake our breads, ferment our kimchi and cure our bacon for three weeks before it goes in the smoker.  When our farmers plan for the season, they call our chef to find out what they should grow.  When our foragers (sometimes our chef) find a honey hole of chanterelle mushrooms, they call us first.  Spent grain in our recipes comes straight from our lauter tun in our brewery.  Our micro greens, leafy greens and edible flowers come from an aquaponics system in New Cumberland, PA.  We support youth programs like L.E.A.F. Project and Jumpstreet.  We promote sustainable, biodiverse agriculture in all forms.  

We are #responsiblysourced #realfood #seasonalaf and #paproud.  We are honored and proud to be the craft kitchen at Ever Grain Brewing Co. and we hope that you enjoy our food and our beer as much as we enjoy crafting it for you. Cheers!


Happy Hour

Dining & Brewery


Sunday Brunch


Please call for reservations // 717.525.8222

Private Room Inquiries, please fill out the form Here

Email // Dining.EGBC@gmail.com

We have food available in the taproom or sit down dining in the restaurant side


Sunday - Monday // 11:00am - 9:00pm 
Tuesday - Wednesday // 11:00am - 10:00pm
Thursday // 11:00am - 10:00pm
Friday - Saturday // 11:00am - 11:00pm

Please check social media for updates