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The Brains Behind The Brews

On any given day at Ever Grain, you won’t miss the faces of all three Justin Dolan, Hollis Wood, and Matt Koch-our head brewers.

Justin started his brewing career in-house at Ever Grain. He then went on to attend brewing school in both Germany and Chicago IL. Upon completion of brewing school, he put his newfound knowledge and education to use at a brewery in the heart of Chicago city for eleven months before returning home to brew full time at Ever Grain once again.



Hollis started out home brewing and in 2010 took a job at a local brewery in Washington state. By 2013 he was the head brewer, started a barrel age recipe development program, and honed his skills. Looking for a change and a chance to get a back to where he spent his childhood, Ever Grain popped up on his radar and the rest is history!


Matt has been working for Ever Grain since opening day. He began as a bartender/manager in the tasting room. He was home brewing for years prior always fueling his passion for craft beer and innovative ideas. A few years into submerging himself into everything “Ever Grain” he was promoted to brewer. He spearheaded our canning line and worked tirelessly in the brewery day in and day out. For a brief time before beginning at Ever Grain, Matt successfully hiked the Appalachian Trail in its entirety. Upon his return, he nestled in comfortably to a home at Ever Grain.

What It's All About

All three men share a common theme, of which is returning to their home communities. They all returned to Pennsylvania and soon enough thereafter made a home for themselves at Ever Grain. Community is what we’re all about and is the joining force and underlying theme that ties Ever Grain Brewing Company together.