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Our Commitment To Quality

At Ever Grain we pride ourselves on using only the freshest local Pennsylvania ingredients. To further quench our thirst for a local twist on all we do; we announced our new initiative in 2019, ”Ever Grain Farms.”

The Farm

At our privately owned farm, we will be featuring 100% oak fermented mix culture and lambic-style beers. Along with storing and creating hundreds of barrels and beers we will also be growing and producing an assortment of local ingredients, such as vegetables, fruit, and honey; to utilize in our daily operations and brewing process.

We Keep Growing

Each year our garden has grown in size and we have expanded our plant varietals. Our chef chooses his own vegetables and herbs for our seasonal menus. We have a few friends at the farm, from bee colonies that we get our local honey from and chickens whose eggs are in multiple menu items.

We have an appreciation for funky, wild ales and farmhouse style. We have a love for the land and growing things, all of which was inspiration behind the farm.