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Munchie Madness Craft Beer Festival | Keene, NH


We are joining 50+ of the best breweries and meaderies from across the country, insanely delicious food trucks and a killer DJ here for a day of fun festivities. Come by to sample some of the best beer the country has to offer. This event is 21+ with no exceptions. Well behaved dogs on leashes are allowed.


Full brewery list:

450 North (IN)

Abomination (CT)

Amherst (MA)

Barreled Souls (ME)

BarrieHaus (FL)

Belleflower (ME)

Birds Fly South (SC)

Blaze (ME)

Branch and Blade (NH)

Buttonwoods (RI)

Channel Marker (MA)

Corporate Ladder (FL)

Cushwa (MD)

Deciduous (NH)

Definitive (ME)

District 96 (NY)

Divine Barrel (NC)

Dream State (FL)

Drekker (ND)

Ever Grain (PA)

Fidens (NY)

Finback (NY)

Good Word (GA)

Heist (NC)

Hoof Hearted (OH)

J Wakefield (FL)

Juicy (VA)

Kings (CA)

Mast Landing (ME)

Mortalis (NY)

Mountains Walking (MT)

NS Beer (NY)

Odd By Nature (ME)

Other Half (NY)

Pontoon (GA)

Prolyfk (NC)

Resident Culture (NC)

River Styx (MA)

Schilling (NH)

Second Wind (MA)

Sidereal Farm (ME)

Spyglass (NH)

Stoneface (NH)

Tripping Animals (FL)

Two Villains (NY)

Urban South (TX)

Vitamin Sea (MA)

WeldWerks (CO)

Widowmaker (MA)

Woven Water (FL)

Xul (TN)

YAH Brew (PA)



Nectareous (FL)

Northless (CA)